Friday, 4 February 2011

To fart or not to fart: That's Malawi's burning question

Wow. And there are those that think Malawi is slightly backward when it comes to the rule of law and the local court system - well the doubters have sadly been proved right with the latest debacle going on in Malawi's parliament.

So what are the facts?

George Chaponda, Malawi's justice minister: George is aiming to pass a bill, part of which criminalises passing wind in public to protect Malawi's public standards.

Anthony Kamanga, Malawi's solicitor general: Anthony is completely opposed to farting, deeming the clause in the act as just covering 'pollution' rather than farting in public.

So how will they enforce it?

The plan is to hand over enforcement of this to local police chiefs, supposedly to be enforced alongside such acts as urinating in public.

What does Malawi think?

Malawi's people are divided. On the one hand they see an ebb of civil liberties being taken away from them. Other's are quoted from various sources as agreeing that the improvement in

What next?

Well, with this being argued about - the bill is supposed to pass next week - expect some potential delays!

I'd love to hear your thoughts - just post them below!!

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  1. This is just a load of hot air to distract attention from the real problems.