Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Snakes in Malawi

Yes. It's true. Malawi does have snakes. Nasty ones!

Don't worry too much though, unless you are doing some serious bush bashing, snakes don't like to be too close to noisy habitation.

Snakes in Malawi:

Black Mamba:

The beast of the Malawian bush. An aggressive snake that has been know to attack cars driving along the side of the road. If you see a long, big black snake - get away from it!

There's a good picture of a black mamba on this site, at least you'll know what you're looking for.

Green Mamba:

Green mambas are more common, and are not aggressive snakes. Bright green in appearance they will spend more time trying to get away from you.

There's a great picture of a green mamba on this site.

Puff Adder (and others):

Short, fat and poisonous. Adders are short and very well camoflaged on the ground.

Tree Snakes:

Poisonous and normally found in mango trees (to catch the mice!) there are range of tree snakes in Malawi.

In my many visits, I have only seen one snake, so don't let it put you off - you'll see more snakelife in Australia!

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